RealTouch was the first of its kind and we're proud of what we achieved with it.

We created RealTouch so that users could feel the action in their favorite adult movies, not just watch them. It was the first commercial device to utilize specially encoded videos to provide motion that was synchronized precisely to match the movement on screen.

Later, RealTouch Interactive (RTi) became the first website in the world to make online interactive sex dates possible. By synching RealTouch and the RealTouch joystick, the world's first capacitive sensing dildo, it was possible to replicate the motions that a live model performed. A marvel of engineering and simplicity, the joystick is as sensitive as a smartphone touch screen. None of it would have happened without the innovative RealTouch team and our partners.

Manufacturing and licensing RealTouch is a huge financial undertaking, and one that we take seriously. We have put further development of RealTouch on hold until such time as we can resolve licensing terms.

As the first of its kind, RealTouch cemented its place in the history of adult entertainment. We thank you for being part of our story.