Feel the Action

A simple USB connection between your computer and your RealTouch device is your gateway to non-stop action with this select line-up of willing partners, who are always ready when you are. As the videos play, RealTouch synchronizes the movements of its interior, heating elements, lube mechanism, and orifice to match the onscreen events in realtime.

As they work together, you get the opportunity to come together with your favorite adult stars and experience the warm and wet, yet very different sensations of the most realistic simulation of sex ever!



Made from a highly-specialized, custom-made material, the RealTouch interior is soft and supple. Its realistic texture makes it the closest thing to actual skin for an unmatched level of excitement and comfort. Using a process called relative motion, RealTouch gently strokes your entire length at variable speeds, effectively stimulating touch receptors in the skin. You'll enjoy a heightened level of sensitivity while getting the results you desire.


Inside are two heating elements that gradually warm the RealTouch to actual body temperature during use. RealTouch distributes the warmth evenly throughout, penetrating your body deeply to sooth and relax, while reproducing the sensation of real skin-to-skin contact.


The lube reservoir holds a generous quantity of recommended RealTouch lubricant, releasing it in precisely the right amount, at precisely the right time, every time you use RealTouch. Lubrication adds not only a dimension of realism to the RealTouch experience, but it intensifies and enhances the sensation of pleasure during use, helping to prolong your performance for maximum satisfaction.


RealTouch has a specially tailored orifice which gently flexes and squeezes to create a comfortable seal around you during use. Able to accommodate men of almost any size, the orifice and its dynamic feedback provide a snug fit to feel like actual penetration.