RealTouch - Interactive Sex Device for Men

The award-winning RealTouch® creates a synchronized interactive experience that takes you beyond sight and sound and puts you in the middle of the action. Enjoy amazing real-time encounters anytime you want and turn your deepest fantasies into reality. Choose from over 1000 specially encoded videos that sync with the movements of realtouch or plan an intimate rendezous with one of our beautiful models. Get connected like never before and feel all the action in real-time. Click HERE to buy RealTouch!

The RealTouch Interactive Experience

Plan your Date
Have live interactive sex with beautiful women. You'll find a variety of models at who are available for private, 1-on-1 fantasy encounters. All of our models have intimate knowledge of RealTouch and are waiting for a date with you now! Once you've selected a model, start a conversation and share a discreet encounter.
Connect LIVE! is the hub of your online adventure. Our website allows you to easily connect to your live date. We take care of the complicated technology and you enjoy the experience.
Feel the Action
With a live model controlling your RealTouch from anywhere in the world, all you need to do is relax, let the model know what you like, and enjoy the sensations. You are now linked with the model in an immersive sensory experience. Fast or slow, a gentle touch or a tighter squeeze, you'll feel every lick and stroke. Nothing comes closer to the real thing.

How it Works

Our patented technology synchronizes the movements, warmth and wetness you feel to match the onscreen events in real time. The interior of the RealTouch feels soft, with motions that gently flex and squeeze like the real thing. You'll feel the wetness during penetration and orgasm, thanks to a lube reservoir that knows when and how much to release. You're feeling the action, not just watching it.
The JoyStick
The RealTouch Joystick is a sensory interface that captures the location, tenderness and direction of a model's touch in lifelike resolution up to 40 times a second. RealTouch Interactive instantaneously transmits that signal across the internet and creates an immersive sensory experience. You won't just see and hear what the model does — you'll feel it, live.

Ways to Use